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Why become a member of DIFSC?


Desert Ice Figure Skating Club is open to anyone interested in the sport and art of figure skating and dedicated to providing you, our skater, with the support that will enable you to develop your skating.


What are the membership advantages of joining DIFSC?
Membership in DIFSC entitles you to:
  • Registered with the United States Figure Skating (USFS)

  • Receive USFS Skating Magazine

  • Participate in USFS Testing

  • DIFSC sponsored activities at member rates.  Some sponsored activites include: Workshops, Ice Shows, Clinics, and Club Ice


What are parent benefits to their skater joining DIFSC?


Parents of DIFSC members will have a network of experienced parents to help guide you in the intricate sport of figure skating.  Answers to questions about coaching choices, equipment, testing, competitions and more!


What opportunities does my family have by joining DIFSC?

Skaters – The opportunity to be a member of a team in what is recognized as an individual sport.  DIFSC members support, help, and encourage members of all levels.


Parents/Family Members – The opportunity to volunteer for events, put your talents to use to help support your skater and all DIFSC skaters, participate in club matters.  


How do we show support for DIFSC members?


  • All members are encouraged to participate in all club activities.

  • Members and family members may purchase club apparel such as club jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc and sport them at all skating events. 

  • Cheer on fellow members at competitions, shows, and test sessions.  


What do I do to contact a DIFSC Board member or coach?


Please visit our team page for email addresses or leave a message below.